Waste - Positive Possibilities

How and what we use (and waste) has a big impact on the environment. Read on to discover some facts about the impact waste has on the climate and some the positive actions you can take. Why not share the list with your friends to see what actions they will take?

Did you know?
  • A quarter of all food produced globally is thrown away
  • 6 % of global greenhouse gas emissions come from wasted food
  • Global plastic production and end-of-life management releases CO2e equivalent to 189 coal-fired power plants annually
  • Plastic refining is one of the most greenhouse gas intensive industries in the manufacture sector
  • Waste accounts for 5 % of global greenhouse gas emissions
  • More reuse and recycling reduces demand for extraction of new materials
Actions you can take to make a positive change
  • I will organise a beach clean-up with my friends
  • I will compost food waste at home
  • I will use a refillable water bottle
  • I will take a reusable cup when visiting a coffee shop
  • I will find and shop at a local zero-waste shop
  • I will set up a neighbourhood swap group
  • I will ask my local council to recycle more materials
  • I will reuse bags, pots and tubs wherever I can

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What actions will you take? Share you plans with us on social media using #ClimateOfChange so we can cheer you on. Don't forget to explore the other positive possibility themes, too.

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