Preferred Futures - visioning activity

Do you know if young people in your class dream of a better world? Do you think they have ideas for how this world should look, and what we can do to get there? Help them imagine their Preferred Future through this visioning activity! These activities are perfect for the classroom and can be adapted to suit your year group, subject, curriculum as well as the interest of your students. This learning resource has been developed by the School of Education at UEA, with support from Project Change.

This is an innovative classroom activity that is freely downloadable. The aim with the activity is to facilitate the building of positive future scenarios, utilising different focal points.

What does visioning mean?

Visioning means to imagine the future, and is an important part of engaging with the uncertainties and possibilities that come with future thinking. Through Project Change, we want to empower young people to make their voices heard and this includes imagining what kind of future they want to see – their Preferred Futures. This activity utilises visioning as its main method, but does so in an open manner. We invite all kinds of visions, as long as they’re preferred and not dystopic.

What does the activity involve?

The PDF below can be used as a frame and starting point - the rest is up to you and your class. The different focal points are given some brief introduction, but are kept open to allow for adaptation. You can use any methods you want - from pen and paper mindmapping to legos, from poetry to drawn images of the future. If you want, you can share these with us by uploading them onto a padlet link and send this to with the words ‘preferred futures’ in the subject line.


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