Nature - Positive Possibilities

Nature holds many opportunities to create a more sustainable world. Read on to discover some facts about how nature can offer solutions to climate change and some positive actions you can take to protect and help nature protect and help us. Why not share the list with your friends to see what actions they will take?

Did you know?
  • Restoring 15 % of the most important ecosystems across the globe could bind 30 % of all carbon dioxide released since the Industrial Revolution
  • Rewilding and restoring forests and other nature areas in the UK could save carbon equal to 10 % of total UK greenhouse gas emissions
  • If waste trends continue, there will be 12 billion tonnes of plastic in natural environments by 2050
  • More trees and bushes can help us adapt to extreme weather caused by climate change
Actions you can take to make a positive change
  • I will plant trees and flowers in my garden, neighbourhood or school
  • I will pick rubbish when I see it somewhere it doesn't belong
  • I will organise litter-picking events for my family, neighbourhood or school
  • I will ask my school to include nature-based activities
  • I will ask my council to rewild local areas with trees and flowers
  • I will encourage my family to go on nature-based holidays
  • I will spend more time in nature, instead of indoors
  • I will join a community or neighbourhood garden
  • I will help my school build an insect hotel

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What actions will you take? Share you plans with us on social media using #ClimateOfChange so we can cheer you on. Don't forget to explore the other positive possibility themes, too.

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