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We asked young people what action they wanted to see from the World Leaders on Climate Change following COP26 and we invited these youngsters to send us their speech idea by entering the Project Change Climate Change Speech Competition.

The ones with the most interesting ideas were invited to our 'Dare to Speak up' Masterclass with Professor Alan Finlayson and Beth Derks from UEA's School of Politics. In just three hours, they learned the tools and techniques for writing and confidently presenting a powerful speech. And powerful speeches they presented indeed.

Scroll down and hear what our budding changemakers have to say. It's time that Youth voices are truly heard.

You watch a playlist of all videos on YouTube, or watch individually below.

Aayush Bhalerao - Jane Austin College - Year 11

Bikes and public transport only on the school run is the plan - how do you travel to school?

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Amy Adshead - Diss Sixth Form - Year 13

We separate ourselves from reality with fantasy; we are taught that our enemies are made up and un-real. That is not the case for climate change.

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Dejon Manyeza - Norwich School - Year 8

One tree in itself lifetime can absorb up to one tonne of CO2. How connected to nature are you?

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Elliot Hollis - home schooled - Year 6

Climate changes impacts all of nature, not just us. Do you understand the importance of Wolves in the eco system?

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James Tyler - Long Stratton High School - Year 8

Chinese food is great, and robots are cool...but how much do you know about the grey skies that only lifted in lockdown? Our country isn't much different.

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Lucy Rainer - East Norfolk College - Year 12

Will your grandchildren, and there children after that, be running through wild flower meadows and dipping toes in streams? It's not a given when it comes to climate change.

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Pallavi Shastri - Hethersett Academy - Year 10

Have we gone bananas with food waste? Eating with your eyes is the largest cause of food waste.

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Sammy Hollis - home schooled - Year 6

Young people are going on climate strike. Action is needed now.

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Inspired by our speech writing pros? Check out our 'positive possibilities' resources and learn about the small changes you, your family and your friends can make today that will impact the climate.


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